5.15.17 – Robot Media Studio / Group 3 / Final Project:

Below is an overview of our final project, and an explanation of the technology used from the labs we completed during the Spring 2017 semester. The contributors for this project were Alex Jenseth, Harry Gomez Moron, Corey Paul, Meher Jaffri, Mike Dawson, & Leo Bancou.

Kickoff / Brainstorming:

As a group we decided to focus our project on the interactions that humans have with the technology around them. Since we all collectively liked the idea of a thriller, we decided that the film would not only focus on interactions, but would show how technology could become a humanized force, slowly turning evil and defeating our main characters. 

Everyone was involved in the brainstorm portion of our project and we arranged for several meetings (in person and on google hangouts) to share inspiring video links, camera techniques, and artists we admired. Through a swirl of emails, phone calls, text messages, and google documents (see project documents linked at the bottom of this post) we began to divide workloads set up a weekly check in to ensure that the project would hit it’s deadline.

Technology, Shooting, & Editing:

To create the majority of our film we used a combination of handheld and drone mounted cameras. We generated still images using the 3D kinect cameras, and some additional video with iphones and an ipad pro (using a grainy security camera filter).

Our initial shoot took place on the grounds of a private dormitory on 120th street in Manhattan. We enlisted the help of professional drone pilot Will Chatham, who was able to pilot one of his phantom drones while a second person controlled the camera shots being captured. We used this two pilot technique both indoors and outdoors around the dorm (with full permission from the building). We also used our extended manpower on set to control crowd flow so at no point we were ever flying over any unsuspecting passer by’s.



The drones created a large amount of noise when filming indoors, so the majority of the sounds in our film needed to be captured separately and added back in post production.

The project took a total of 5 shoot days to capture all the footage, and an additional two days to edit and add sound.  We used a combination of sounds that were captured during the shoot and some FX and music that we sourced from different internet databases.



Although we worked hard to create a detailed shot list and a story board breakdown we had some challenges in combining all the final footage seamlessly. Thankfully, our group came together and shoot some additional video and sounds to make everything come together.

We are VERY proud of the work we completed for this class and hope you enjoyed our film ad much as we enjoyed working together to create it.

Below is a workload breakdown and some documents we created during our project timeline.

Workload Overview:

  • Storyboards: Harry
  • Mood Boards: Mike & Corey
  • Script: Alex
  • Production Managers: Leo, Mike, Meher
  • Sound Designs: Corey, Leo, Harry
  • Editors: Corey, Harry
  • Actors: Meher, Alex
  • Videographers: Harry, Leo
  • Drone Pilots: Will, Harry

Project Documents: